A Tasty Apparel Idea

by Matt DeLaere, Marketing

[Image from http://www.pizzashirt.net]

Several months ago we had a blog post about the new trend of decorating pizzas with graphics. Pizza Prints™ allow you to decorate pizzas with messages (such as “Happy Birthday!”), popular animated characters, and even sports team logos. In short, they make your pizza look like your T-shirts. Well, now the script has been flipped.

Pizza Shirts have arrived. These T-shirts are printed to make the wearer look like a giant slice of pizza. Really. The product’s site points out that the shirts can be used as “pizza camouflage” – apparently perfect for sneak attacks at birthday parties or for hunting pepperoni. And they’re perfect for people who really want to look like giant slabs of cheese and tomato sauce. And who doesn’t?

For those who might not think that masquerading as greasy cheese and pepperoni promotes a less-than-healthy lifestyle, there’s also a vegetable pizza version of the shirts. No word yet on adding your own toppings, though. Random thought: This could open a whole new world of customization business, replacing pizza ovens with heat presses. Imagine building your own wearable pizza with heat transfer materials! Green pepper in Thermo-FILM®, pineapple in Premium Plus™, even anchovies in Fashion-FILM™ Metallic! The possibilities are endless (and delicious)!

At the very least, Pizza Shirts prove that off-the-wall product ideas can be successful, and certainly generate buzz. The slightly-less-than-serious marketing approach also helps. For instance, the Pizza Shirts website refers to them as “the most incredible achievement that mankind has to offer.” While that’s quite an exaggeration (I hope), they should be an inspiration to those looking to market their own unique brands of apparel.

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