7 Most Popular Heat Press Accessories

Keep Your Heat Press Running Smoothly & Designs Protected

Your business needs more than just materials and a heat press to make great looking garments. Heat press accessories keep your designs and equipment protected, and help you stay organized and efficient.

Whether you’re using STAHLS’ Pre-Cut Heat Press Letters & Numbers or cutting your own heat transfer vinyl designs, these heat press accessories will help you create the best T-shirts, jerseys, and accessories out there.

Top 7 Heat Press Accessories for Before, During, & After Decorating:

  • Cover Sheets
  • Thermo-Tape™
  • EZ Weeder®
  • Pillows & Pads
  • Platen Covers
  • Heat Eraser
  • Storage Box

Heat Press Cover Sheets

Cover Sheets help protect the upper platen of your heat press from stains, inks, and adhesives, and protects the garment you’re decorating.

6 mil Cover Sheet

  • Reusable, with a non-stick coating
  • Leaves a semi-gloss finish

Kraft Paper Cover Sheet

  • Leaves a matte finish
  • Helps reduce static build-up when applying HTV

Flexible Application Pad

  • Great for decorating nylon
  • Protects buttons, snaps, and zippers


This heat-resistant tape helps keep loose letters, numbers, and designs in place during layout and heat application.

EZ Weeder®

This popular vinyl weeding tool is a must-have for anyone cutting their own HTV designs with a vinyl cutter or print/cut system. It easily removes excess material and cavities from even the most detailed designs.

Pillows & Pads

  • Heat Press Pads elevate the printing area to ensure even pressure when working around buttons, seams, and zippers. They are available in a variety of sizes.
  • Heat Press Pillows are non-stick, reusable pillows you place inside garments to prevent scorch marks from collars, zippers, and other raised areas.

Platen Cover

Protect your upper and lower heat press platens with these recommended reusable covers:

Non-Stick Upper Platen Cover

  • Protects from inks and adhesives
  • Best for DTG and dye sublimation

Silicon Upper Platen Cover

  • Protects heat-sensitive fabrics like neoprene, Lycra®/Spandex, and polyester performance garments
  • Leaves a slightly textured finish on HTV designs

Quick Slip Lower Platen Protector

  • Easy to thread and remove garments on the lower platen
  • Reduces wear and tear on your heat press

Heat Eraser

This wool heat eraser helps to quickly cools down transfers and designs that must be peeled cold after heat application.

Storage Box

Use these corrugated cardboard storage boxes with plastic inserts to keep your pre-cut vinyl letters and numbers organized and easy to inventory.

As you can see, stocking a few heat press accessories can help make your heat printing experience easy, smooth, and organized. STAHLS’ has everything you need to prolong the life of your heat press and create apparel customers want to wear.

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  1. You forgot the #1 thing needed in addition to a heat-press and material to make great-looking garments: Stahls! –Still my favorite vendor and still find products that I have yet to try or that I can use in a new way even after a number of years… Endless possibilities!

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