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5 Unique Design Placements for Heat Printing

STAHLS’ recently launched The Ultimate Guide To Design Size and Placement, a 23-page eBook with everything you need to know to get your design size right and your placement perfect no matter what you’re heat printing.

Here are 5 of our favorite resources for unique design placements on your heat printing jobs.

4 Design Placements on Sweatpants
Get creative with these unique heat transfer design placements for sweatpants.

Customizing Umbrellas With A Heat Press
Expanding your product offering beyond standard garments is just good business. Learn how to apply heat press transfers or heat transfer vinyl to different types of umbrellas for quick and easy revenue.

Unique Placement on a Hoodie
Try heat printing on a hoodie beyond the usual front and back placement. Transfer Express gives you a few new placement options to get your customers thinking outside the box.

5 Ways to Decorate with Vertical Text
Pre-Spaced vertical text is great for alternative placement on many garments. Here are 5 ways to use this unique and versatile service!

Oversized Shoulder Prints with Custom Transfers
Billboard prints, oversized shirts with large bold prints across the shoulders, were in high demand for 2016 and this trend will remain hot in 2017. Transfer Express makes it easy to decorate these shirts with 3 custom transfer layouts for your business.

With in-depth measurements, printable worksheets, and heat printing and tips, the Ultimate Guide to Design Size and Placement is a valuable resource for your business. Download your copy today.

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