5 Tools to Get T-shirt Alignment Right

You’ve got the right design and the best heat transfer vinyl for your T-shirt heat printing job, don’t let it fall apart when it comes to getting your alignment right. There are several tools to help you get your placement right the first time, every time. Here are 5 of our favorites.

Lettering Layout Guide
This repositionable vinyl layout guide gives you guidelines for a variety of text styles. 10 or 15 degree slants, 2 sizes of circles for left chest placements, and 5 different arc placements let you properly align pre-cut letters and numbers in any position you need. The 20 inch horizontal ruler and 10 inch vertical ruler also makes centering simple and accurate.

Layout Boards
Quickly and accurately align pre-cut letters and numbers on your custom apparel jobs. Create perfect arcs and straight layouts. This is our most affordable design placement tool.

Once you get your graphics and lettering in place, use this heat-resistant tape to keep your graphics and lettering in place before and during heat press application.

Laser Alignment System
For the most accurate positioning and consistent placements, the Laser Alignment System is a valuable addition to your shop. It’s completely portable and compatible with any model of heat press, it projects and constant layout grid onto your heat press platen, eliminating the need for measuring to save you time and effort. See it in action in this video.

Quick Change Heat Press Platens
Printing heat transfer designs on T-shirts is great, but when you add more items to your shop you’re adding more sales. For example, trying to print a baby onesie on a 16 x 16 platen, or a is an exercise in frustration. The right Quick Change Platen will make your print area easy to position and give you a professional application.

What’s your favorite alignment accessory?

With in-depth measurements, printable worksheets, and heat printing and tips, the Ultimate Guide to Design Size and Placement is a valuable resource for your business. Download your copy today.


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