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5 Tips for Getting Started with Your A2Z Heat Press

Knowing how to properly use a swing away heat press is the number one way to limit mistakes during applications and save your business a lot of money. Whether you’re new to the heat printing industry, or a seasoned veteran, these tips are great to keep in mind for every heat application process.

Top 5 Tips for Successful Heat Application:
  • Temperature
  • Time
  • Pre-heating
  • Pressure
  • Quality Transfers

Tip #1 Setting the Proper Temperature

This may seem like a no brainer. Did you know that every HTV we offer has a unique formula when it comes to time, temperature, and pressure? Temperature is the key ingredient in that rule. In order to guarantee that your material heat applies securely to a garment and to avoid cold spots, having the correct temperature is crucial. Luckily, our swing away press and clam shell heat press models offer internal heating elements that surpass cheap import models.

temperature swing away heat press

Tip #2 Time = Accuracy

Secondly, have you ever scorched a garment? Experienced HTV that peels up from the garment after it’s heat applied? In addition to having the correct temperature, time is just as important! STAHLS’® proudly stands by their products. Since each of our HTV materials are unique, we offer a handy application instructions guide to put your mind at ease. Here, you can find all of our materials listed with the correct time, temperature, and pressure.

time swing away heat press

Tip #3 Prep Your Garment

The A2Z™ Swing Away Heat Press offers a semi-threadable design. In short, you are able to split your garment open and “thread” it onto the platen to ensure a flat print location. This is crucial for getting out moisture and wrinkles and setting you up for Tip #4.


Tip #4 Perfect Pressure

When you’re pulling down the lever on the heat press, it’s all about finding the “sweet spot” in terms of pressure. As mentioned above, all our HTV materials have a unique time, temperature, and pressure formula. Some materials could require light pressure and others, firm. To adjust the pressure, you would simply turn the pressure knob dial on top of the press to adjust accordingly. Turn to the left to lighten the pressure and to the right to firm up the pressure.


Tip #5 Source a Quality Heat Transfer

If time is a factor and you are looking to get designs out the door quickly, look no further than quality transfers from Stahls’ Transfer Express. Goof Proof® Screen Printed Transfers are the fastest and easiest transfers to apply. Apply a full color transfer to your garment in only 4 seconds. With this being such a versatile product, options for garment decoration are endless.

To learn more about the new A2Z Swing Away Heat Press and see these top 5 tips in action, check out the video below.

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7 thoughts on “5 Tips for Getting Started with Your A2Z Heat Press”

  1. I am saving for my heat press. I will be getting my transfer from stahls too

  2. I have an A2Z swing away press (had it for almost a year) and suddenly it has started to scorch lighter shirts. I am using the exact same shirts I have always used and the exact same setting on the press. I have bought a heat temperature gun and it is reading 20° lower than what the press screen is showing. Any ideas or tips

  3. Hi Kaylee, it sounds like there’s an issue with the temperature reading. Please contact us for assistance, you can reach our Hotronix heat press technicians at 800-727-8520 or filling out a contact form here – https://www.hotronix.com/contactus. Thanks!

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