5 Gift Ideas for Dad

Father’s Day is fast approaching, and if you’ve got a dad (or husband or important dad-like figure) in your life, buying the perfect gift can be next to impossible. So, when it comes to gift giving, get creative with your heat press and think outside of the box to offer your customers something that stands out.

This year, we asked some dads what they would like that isn’t a T-shirt with the slogan “World’s Best Dad” (although, a few said they wouldn’t mind getting a “World’s Okayest Dad” shirt). Here are the top 5 gift ideas for Father’s Day, plus a bonus #6 suggestion:

1. Diaper bag – For any new dad, the selection of diaper bags is a little underwhelming; they’re either too cutesy or too plain. Why not offer personalized bags that speak a bit more to a dad’s taste?

2. Ties – Although this is the standard go-to Father’s Day gift, ties are making a comeback. The key to making the necktie a great gift for dad is making it stylish so that it will be worn again and again. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with those fun, silly ties that put a smile on everyone’s face – those too can be worn over and over.

3. Lanyards – There are many dads out there that use a lanyard daily for their keys or for an ID badge. What dad wouldn’t love to have one personalized just for him? Heat print lanyards highlighting a favorite team, hobby or slogan that fit dad to a T.


4. Grilling Gear – Highlight dad’s skill at the grill by decorating a matching set to wear while cooking out! Think beyond the shirt and decorate the apron and the oven mitt.


5. Picture Frames – Some dads are sentimental at heart. Nothing pulls at those heartstrings more than a framed picture of their children and/or grandchildren. Use pressure sensitive sign vinyl to personalize a frame with cool patterns or designs to make it really stand out.

6. (Bonus) Towels – There are a lot of dads out there that love to golf and bowl. One staple for each of these sports is a small towel. Why not tap into this must-have by personalizing towels that will stand out at their next bowling league or golf tournament?

Whatever it is you choose to decorate for your customers this Father’s Day, try thinking a little outside the box to keep things fresh and new for you and the dads! Have a cool idea that you’ve tried or are thinking about trying? Let us know!


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