4 Reasons Flock Can Help Your Embroidery Business

by Bella Blondell

CAD-CUT Flock Heat Transfer Vinyl

What happens when a potential customer brings you a job but they don’t have the budget for a fully embroidered design? Do you lose their business?

You can win them back without devaluing your embroidery business with CAD-CUT® Flock heat transfer vinyl. Flock has a raised velvet like texture that mimics the look of embroidery making it a cost-effective alternative. With another high-quality option to offer your customers, you can win more of their business regardless of budget.

Real-Time Quotes

Heat transfer Flock allows you to offer real time quotes to potential customers since there is no digitizing required. Simply use per-square-inch pricing and add about 5 minutes of labor per piece. There is a lot of potential for time and cost savings over digitizing, hooping and running 5000 to 8000 stitches with your embroidery machine.

Large Image Alternative

Embroidering a large image on a hoodie can get expensive and take a lot of time. CAD-CUT Flock is great for full print designs on sweatshirts or the back of jackets at a low cost and about 5 minutes of labor time. Offering two price points allows your customers to choose the right option for their budget.

Lightweight Garments

Flock works well with lightweight garments that may not hold up to the weight of embroidery threads, such as a women’s cotton t-shirt. A two color t-shirt design on a cotton t-shirt could quickly become too heavy if it’s embroidered. Offering the raised textured finish of CAD-CUT Flock allows them to get a quality look that’s still lightweight on the garment.

Layers For Creativity

Flock can be layered, allowing for multiple decorating options with other materials like CAD-CUT® Glitter Flake™ or foil heat transfer films. The possibilities are endless with CAD-CUT Flock.

For more information on how you can increase sales in your business by incorporating CAD-CUT Flock to your decorating business check out “How to Achieve Embroidery-like Results with CAD-CUT Flock” at stahls.com. Courtney Matlick offers great tips and tricks on adding dimension and that something special to any item you decorate.

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4 thoughts on “4 Reasons Flock Can Help Your Embroidery Business”

  1. Hi I need a transfer flock material how can send you a sample and let me know what will be the cost thank you.

  2. Hi I want to start a fashion line and I’ll majorly be working designing and embroidery using mainly the flocking machine and monogram machine so I need to have an idea on the estimations financially and which machines will be preferable for a starter like me….hoping to get a reply.

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