12 Things I know for sure: when heat printing.

Twelve things I know for sure will happen when heat printing.

by Danielle Petroskey

You will at least once:

1.       burn your knuckles.

2.       put the design or number on a garment backward.

3.       misspell a name and not notice, until it’s on the garment.

4.       put the wrong number with the right name on a jersey.

5.       forget a cover sheet with a pre cut letter or number and have it stick to the top platen of the heat press.

6.       not notice that someone else did #5 and you won’t use a cover sheet, then have extra ink on your new garment.

7.       forget to peel off the pink liner from Gorilla Grip II letters and wonder why they’re not applying  to the garment.

8.       peel something, that is a cold peel, too quickly & realize why the application instructions say cold peel.

9.       think your design is straight, and once applied, realize it’s not.

10.    lean on the heat press and forget that it’s 300+ degrees.

11.     think that your heat press will make a great grilled cheese sandwich machine.

12.    profit more than you ever thought possible!


What do you know for sure when heat printing? Please tell us in the comments section.

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