• Top 7 Heat Printing Accessories

    7 Essential Accessories for Heat Printing

    The 7 Most Popular Heat Printing Accessories

  • 5 Ways to Print T-Shirts with a Heat Press

    5 Ways to Print T-Shirts with a Heat Press

    5 Ways to Print T-Shirts with a Heat Press

  • Heat Printing Hats

    Heat Printing Hats

    Heat Printing Hats

Free Online Digital Printing Artwork Webinars


Digital Printing Stock Art from Great Dane Graphics

Next week is your chance to learn the ins and outs of digital printing art for free on StahlsTV.com. Dane Clement and Joe Costello of Great Dane Graphics will host two live online webinars on artwork for digital printing September 28, 2016. If you own a digital printer but aren’t… read more

September 22, 2016  

New Great Dane Graphics Stock Art 9/13/16


  Check the latest additions to Great Dane Graphics downloadable stock art each week at GreatDaneGraphics.com.       E-4194 Car Suspension         E-4840 Ram Stare         E-5007 Mummy Reach           E-5169 Shotgun Clay Profile           F-5535 Skull Raven  

September 16, 2016  

Putting on the Foil


by Matt DeLaere, Marketing   In the movie Slapshot, the Hanson brothers give themselves an edge in their inevitable fights by wrapping their knuckles in tin foil and athletic tape. Strange as it may seem, Jack, Steve, and Jeff may be on to something – “putting on the foil” can… read more

September 14, 2016