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Why Your Business Needs an Online Store

By Dave Harding

STAHLS’ is continually looking for ways to increase your business abilities and has recently developed something new we’re excited to share with you. It’s called STAHLS’ Spirit Sale and it will equip you with the tools to expand your revenue and market.

Let’s break down the 5 things you’ll find out about Spirit Sale™ :

  1. What is Spirit Sale ?
  2. How can an e-commerce platform increase your revenue?
  3. Spirit Sale costs and logistics.
  4. 5 Features and benefits of having an online store builder.
  5. Spirit Sale recap and how to get started.

What is Spirit Sale?

Stahls’ Spirit Sale is an e-commerce platform that allows you to build online stores for all your customer markets. You can set up e-commerce stores for each customer with a personalized site name. Within each online store, you can manage orders, schedule production, mock-up artwork, and include built-in fundraising capabilities, all from one centralized location. Spirit Sale solidifies your business foundation through an e-commerce platform, allowing for growth and expansion of your current markets.

How can an E-commerce Platform Increase your Revenue?

We’ve done the research. Spirit Sale has been in beta testing since early summer of 2019. In that time, we’ve compiled some important statistics:

  • The average online store brings in $820 in revenue. If you use 2-3 stores per year as a minimum, they will cover the cost of your annual subscription. That doesn’t account for the time and labor you will save using the platform.
  • The average product sells for $25 and the average order generates $60 in revenue for our Spirit Sale users. The online ordering option is convenient for your customers and allows you to offer a more expansive product line. Spirit Sale ensures you can capitalize on the amount of profit per product offering. Currently, we have dealers generating $10,000+ in monthly revenue using the e-commerce platform.

Spirit Sale will help your business grow through new opportunities as it allows you to expand your marketing reach. The five most popular markets for Spirit Sale users are:

  • Schools
  • Fan Wear and Spirit Wear
  • Corporate and Event Merchandising
  • Charitable Causes
  • Fashion and Boutique Apparel

Spirit Sale Cost and Logistics (there are no hidden fees)

Spirit Sale is an annual subscription software for $599. We also offer an optional training program for $399 where one of our Spirit Sale experts will spend two hours with you going over all the features of the e-commerce platform, exploring in-depth how intuitive the software can be.

There are no hidden fees. STAHLS’ doesn’t handle any of the transactions. It’s your business, your sales, and your profits. Your customers pay for their orders in their individual online store and the payment deposits into your account. There is no limit on the number of online stores you can create, no charges for store creation, no transaction fees, and no required purchase outside of the annual subscription rate.

5 Features & Benefits of Having an Online Store Builder

  1. Organization
  2. Seamless Production
  3. Simple Artwork Customization
  4. Low Minimum Order Quantities
  5. Time Saver


Orders are clear-cut through the Spirit Sale Production Board. You can organize every order as they come in, and your customers can track the status of their orders as you begin production. You are in control of each sale through payment, production, and shipping. The platform report feature gives you immediate access to costs, profit margins, and the knowledge of where every penny is going.

Seamless Production

The Spirit Sale Dashboard will keep your business on track with every detail, allowing you to efficiently run production and avoid mistakes or confusion. The e-commerce platform is designed to streamline the ordering experience for both you and your customer. STAHLS’ knows that running a business can be stressful as you are account for the many aspects of business and pleasing your customers. Spirit Sale is designed to eliminate the added stress and any confusion for your business.

Simple Artwork Customization

Easy View Designer and CAD-CUT® Templates are integrated with the software, so you’ll be able to design and cater specifically to your customer needs. Whether it’s screen-printed or vinyl products, Spirit Sale has you and your customer covered. Once the store is setup, you can focus on the specific customer and quickly begin converting their interest into sales. You can upload customer artwork directly to the platform and integrate with our custom logo services.

If you prefer a more hands-on approach with decorating for your customers, you can send files from the platform directly to your vinyl cutter. Also, for vinyl cutting in-house, you can order the exact amount of rolled goods needed to fulfill each order as orders are placed.

Low Minimum Order Quantities

Don’t pass on small orders. Through Spirit Sale, you can order as little as one garment for your customer in order to achieve their personalization. One-off personalization allows you to maximize the value of every order received. You can set fees for add-ons, one-offs, or any small orders as you see fit.

Time Saver

The process of capturing and processing orders is simplified using Spirit Sale. The days of spending hours creating, distributing, and collecting paper order forms are over. Set up a Spirit Sale store within minutes. All transactions are paperless and easy to track in the system. Customers can order 24/7 and you can begin production immediately.

Spirit Sale Recap & How to Get Started

Spirit Sale allows you to generate more revenue and reach new markets through online store capabilities. You will save time taking orders and maximize your profit. STAHLS’ wants your business to succeed and grow, so we are only charging the $599 annual subscription. There are no hidden fees or percentages of any transaction taken by STAHLS’. Your customers’ payments go directly to you.

For more information regarding Spirit Sale, or to schedule a demonstration, please visit https://m.stahls.com/spiritsale/.

For a quick overview and run though of the features, Josh Ellsworth demonstrates the Spirit Sale e-commerce platform in the video below:

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