Reasons to Follow Trends

In any business, following trends is an important part of being successful. The apparel decorating industry is no different. Being in the know when it comes to the latest fabrics, garment styles, artwork, placement, and heat transfer vinyl finishes and effects can make all the difference in your heat printing business.

Why should that matter? One word: customers. Whether you are a heat printer, screen printer, embroiderer, or a combination, success is measured in the number of customers placing orders with you.

Getting new customers as well as keeping the ones you have is a challenge for any business. By following industry trends, you’ll relieve some of the pressures associated with this task. You may be asking, “How does being aware of industry trends help my business?”

First and foremost, you’ll be able to give customers what they want. The fashion industry is in a constant state of movement and customers are very aware of the movement it makes. Having this awareness and adapting accordingly will draw customers to you. If you find the products you sell to be out-of-date, chances are you’ll find those products still sitting on your shelves.

By watching trends, you have a chance to make new discoveries – you may even become a trend-setter yourself. You may start off by heat printing a current trend, but then you start to think outside the box and take that design to the next level. Trends are great for fanning the fire of innovation and creativity.

Trends also open the door to opportunities. For example, athleisure was a look that was only found in the gym. Now, it’s a great addition to the corporate apparel market. Another example is reflective heat transfer vinyl. Initially, this reflective finish was developed with first responders and roadside workers in mind. Now, with HTV product innovations like the CAD-CUT® Hi-Vis Color Reflect, reflective heat transfer vinyl is no longer limited to one specific market.

This is where Stahls’ comes in. We do the research, so you don’t have to. We work hard to put together content that will help in your success. Blog posts, guidebooks, and videos are constantly being developed so that we can provide insight on trends in the industry. Below is just one example of our trend-related content:

And now, we’ve upped the ante in the inspiration game with our CAD-CUT® Creative Center. You’ll find cool designs, clever placement, and original ideas that will excite and motivate your imagination and spark ideas. Trends are a perfect tool to set you up for success.


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