What a Week!

This summer, Stahls’ ID Direct™ has implemented its first internship program, with 10 college students gaining real-world experience in the heat printing industry. This is part of an ongoing series of blog posts by our interns, discussing their experiences.

  The Great Race, a Week That Truly Signifies the Meaning of Stahls’ as a Company.

by Jenna K., Intern

Your correspondent and her purple highlighter.

On Monday, the week began with two interns walking through each department collecting donations for a raffle, with proceeds going to the Great Race’s autism charity. Each day people would purchase their lucky tickets in hopes of winning the big prize. People were teaming together, splitting the tickets and ending up with 40 tickets in the drawing, or performing their lucky rituals, such as buying the last ticket, kissing it before putting it in, or crumbling it up, for their chance to be the big winner.

On Tuesday, all the customer service employees celebrated their fellow June birthday friends with a large potluck. The food was delicious!

On Wednesday, the whole Stahls’ community came together as a group and showed their pride in the company by wearing a custom Great Race T-shirt that I and my fellow interns heat pressed for everyone to wear.  There were approximately 1,300!


Thursday was the day everyone had  been waiting for. The day the lucky tickets would be drawn. Employees from each department met in the production area. The energy was so enthusiastic – everyone with big smiles on their faces coming together as a family. Employees were cheering, chanting, and giving a drum roll that led up to the drawings. The names were called and everyone was so supportive of one another, the definition of family stood out so strong. There was so much warmth in one space. No matter the department, age, or gender, this company welcomes and accepts all. It is so heartwarming to know I am part of such a special company that you don’t come by every day. Something as simple as a raffle drawing brings this whole company together for a common cause and all the love and friendship in the room is overwhelming.

On Friday, an ice-cream fire truck visited the company. Everyone stopped by, got a Spirit of Stahls pennant and enjoyed some yummy frozen custard. The treat was a welcome break from work and made the day a little bit happier. It was a great end to the week.

You will never go a day working at this company without a friendly smile or a welcoming hello. Working for a company with such strong family morals inspires me to find love and support in all my future endeavors.


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