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Updated Power Platen Instructions

We’ve updated application instructions for  Hotronix® Heat Press Power Platens to ensure you get a proper application every time with your heat press. Heat from the lower platen is ideal for heat application on heat sensitive fabrics and when applying trendy emblems and embroidered patches. These new application instructions account for a few fabric types you may be applying to.

Hotronix Heat Press Power Platens GroupWhat STAHLS’® materials do these application instructions apply to?

What are the new instructions?

100% Polyester

Lower Platen Temperature = 320°
Upper Platen Temperature = 270°

Pressure = 60 PSI. #6/Medium on Hotronix®
Time = 10 seconds


95% Polyester / 5% Spandex / Triblends

Lower Platen Temperature = 290°
Upper Platen Temperature = 270°

Pressure = #6/Medium on Hotronix®
Time = 30 seconds

What are the application instructions for 100% cotton?

Use upper heat only for 100% cotton fabrics. For blends with high cotton content proceed with caution. Test application using upper heat only, if it scorches test using lower heat.

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