An Untapped Market in Schools is Teachers

Schools Offer Untapped Markets – Teachers!

You’re already heat printing uniforms to school sports teams, custom apparel to the football team, the chess club, the volleyball team. Spirit wear for everyone! But have you thought about selling to the teachers?

Heat Printing for TeachersCustom apparel is an excellent way to build team unity across all sorts of groups in a school setting. Teachers are no exception. For example, this group of math teacher’s shirts are straight up awesome.

When presenting uniforms, spirit wear, and other custom apparel to schools – thinking about teachers is a no-brainer. On average in the US, there is 1 teacher for every 16 students in a middle school setting. But teachers aren’t just employees, they’re an essential part of the school community. They like to show other staff and students they’re engaged and involved and custom apparel for the school, their department, or their special projects is an excellent way to get this accomplished.

STAHLS’® Spirit Sale is the easiest way to set up online shops for a variety of market opportunities, including schools. Utilizing this easy to use platform, you can build stores, create mock-ups, manage orders, and schedule production from one place.

Spirit Sale also makes it easy to create and track fundraisers for schools so teachers (and parents) feel good about shopping with you for their school. When building your online shop – be sure to include products for the teachers for maximum sales for your shop.

When planning your product line up for school groups, teachers are a segment you can’t miss.

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