The Gloves Are Off: The Top 8 Features of your Dream Heat Press

by Jodi Weiler, Marketing

 Introducing  the New Hotronix® Air Fusion™ Heat Press

The time has come.  The “Heavy Hitter” has emerged from the locker room and into the ring. The most technologically advanced heat press in the world, the Hotronix® Air Fusion™, has arrived and will debut this weekend at the Imprinted Sportswear Show in Atlantic City March 9-11. This powerhouse is in a heat printing class all its own. Hotronix took the world by storm when they introduced the Fusion heat press at Atlantic City two years ago. When you are the best you don’t stop at greatness, sit back in your chair, put your legs on the desk and say to yourself “job well done.” You capture all the best features and create a bigger, better heat press; a heat press that will knock you out!

Here are the top 8 features of the brand new Air Fusion that you always dreamed about in a heat press but never thought would become reality:

Auto Adjust Pressure

  • Four different pressure and time settings can be programmed allowing the user to select the appropriate application based on the material being heat applied, which makes switching between garments of different thicknesses a breeze.

Adjustable Stand

  • The Air Fusion arrives mounted on a pedestal stand designed to save space in your shop, and is the only press that allows the user to adjust the height for a completely ergonomic experience.


  • Front to back, back to front, or side to side. The lower platen is fully threadable making it easy to decorate anywhere and everywhere on the garment by loading it once and rotating it on the platen.

Hands Free Auto Swing

  • Print more garments and reduce operator fatigue as the Air Fusion eliminates wear and tear on your arms and wrists by automatically swinging out of the way after each print cycle. Wow!

Touch Screen Technology

  • User friendly touch screens are easy to scroll through, allowing you to quickly personalize and save pre-set applications, access menus, and instructions.

Optional Quick Change Platens

120 PSI

  • Up to 50% more pressure than any other heat press on the market! Perfect for embossing and DTG applications as well as heat transfer applications that require firm or extra firm pressure.

Direct to Garment

  • Perfect for pre-treating and curing garments for direct-to-garment printing. The Air Fusion compresses and flattens the fibers on the garment to provide a smooth, even surface for the inks to adhere. Prints actually look brighter and crisper, giving you optimum results.

Yes, all of your heat printing dreams have come true. You can stop salivating and see it ringside at ISS Atlantic City, booth 602-603. We can’t wait to see you there!

Video: Are You Ready?

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