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Tools to Help You Grow Your Business

2021 is in full swing and a further reminder of how important it is to stay diligent and productive in an increasingly digital age. We understand how crucial it is to stay informed, relevant, and marketable. Because STAHLS’ is continuously looking for ways to support you and provide tools to help grow your business, we want to remind you of our most helpful resources. Take advantage of these wonderful tools to ease the stress of running your business and increase what’s most important—your profit.


We launched this innovative eCommerce platform last year and haven’t looked back. Check out this blog to learn why your business should be selling online.

STAHLS’ Spirit Sale™ makes running your business so much easier. Do you decorate for sports, schools, or clubs? Do you create fashion and boutique apparel? Is your custom focus in corporate, fundraising, or event merchandising? If so, this is the online selling tool your business needs.

Spirit Sale™ allows you to set up unlimited online stores, fully customizable to your customer’s specific needs. All it takes is a few clicks! Easily pull in popular blank apparel from our fully integrated catalog, and upload or create unique designs with one of three designers. Customers can quickly see all available products in one convenient spot, place orders, and send payment directly to you. No transaction fees, no order forms, no delays. Doing business in the online world has never been so simple. Track your sales from start to finish in one area and create new market opportunities with the addition of Spirit Sale™.


The apparel decoration business can be challenging, especially in the beginning. Have you ever found yourself gearing up for a new project, only to have it fall to the backburner because you just weren’t sure how to get started? STAHLS’ has an array of eBooks to help you get started, get out of a creative funk, or learn a new trick of the trade.

Whether you’re new to heat printing or a seasoned pro, there’s an eBook for you. You can conveniently view our eBooks online or download and print as a great reference in any shop. The best part? These books are 100% free. Our team of experts work diligently to keep these resources up-to-date and relevant, and we’re always developing more content for you to succeed. We take pride in offering ongoing education for all business levels.


Did you know we have a section on our website dedicated to Help & Education? Aside from the vast library of eBooks mentioned above, we have equipment and material resources, how-to decoration tips, customer support, and more!

You’ll find the answer to all the most commonly asked questions. We have a Document Library with all our application instructions, heat press manuals, and safety compliance certificates. Getting started with HTV is easy with our material selection and comparison charts, fabric combination and recommendations, and cost calculators. We also offer further CAD-CUT® education, including cutter settings, tips, and strategies.

Developing knowledge in the ever-changing apparel decoration industry can feel like a huge hurdle, but we have you covered!                         

Check out all our helpful resources!


We’ve all been there: a quick trip to YouTube and suddenly an hour has gone by. Spend your streaming time productively with the STAHLS’ TV™ YouTube channel. We’ve been compiling educational videos for years, and they’re all in one convenient place!

You may have already heard, but we’re still so excited our YouTube channel reached 100k subscribers! We thank you for your continued support and suggestions—it’s how we get all our ideas! Our industry leading experts cover so many topics, and we’re very proud to share them.

Our team’s passion for our customers and products shines in our videos, and they’re one of our favorite ways to connect with you! You’ll find product tutorials, equipment demos, software training, replays of all our Facebook Lives, Webinars, Virtual Events, and so much more!


Graphic design can be a challenge. Many people shy away from the idea of creating their own artwork because it’s difficult to get started. Don’t be afraid of letting your creativity flow and start using STAHLS’ CadworxLIVE® to make things easy.

CadworxLIVE is a free, web-based design software and includes many perks missing from traditional software. There aren’t any licensing fees and it provides access to unlimited users. Also, there aren’t any downloads, hard drive space remains free, and you’ll never see a dreaded software update.

CadworxLIVE has templates, royalty-free clip art, fonts, and layouts. It’s a great tool for designing school and team logos and creating add-on spirit or fan wear designs. The software also includes a section for easily setting up team roster names and numbers. Even though CadworxLIVE® is great for basic artwork and designs, it still offers advantages to a business with a graphic artist on staff. Free up your artist’s time, allowing them to work on the more detailed pieces of artwork. For more educational videos, tips, tricks, and how to make CadworxLIVE® work for you, check out this video.

We’re always here to help you succeed. By utilizing our online tools, your business can grow. Find new markets, increase sales, and take your business to the next level with all of the advantages STAHLS’ tools have to offer!

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