Tips on Hockey Decoration

by Paul Sabatini, Marketing

Left: Maize Thermo-FILM on White Poly-TWILL Pre-Cut Numbers, both in Rogue font
Right: SimStitch numbers, Orange foreground on Black background

If your customer requests a two-color number on a hockey jersey, offer them the option of Thermo-FILM® as a foreground color on a Poly-TWILL™ background. This is a low-cost option for your customers, but it saves you stitches and time while providing the two-color look they need. This combination provides the professional look of sewn twill (Poly-TWILL must be sewn for permanent application) and also uses the #1 athletic material, Thermo-FILM.

We have recently added new number styles to our pre-cut numbers. Many of the styles look great on hockey jerseys, and cutting names from  CAD-CUT® heat transfer material on your vinyl cutter and using pre-cut numbers is a great way to save time and money.

With SimStitch® letters and numbers you get a sewn look that requires no sewing at all since it’s created using our Perma-TWILL® heat transfer material. SimStitch is a cost alternative to you and your customer for teams that want the professional look on their jerseys. SimStitch saves time, stitches, and costs.


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