Summer is the Time to Decorate for Fall Sports

by Melissa Summers, Marketing

Heat Transfer Numbers for FootballIt may only be May, but decorators are already getting ready for the fall sports busy season.

With over 2 million football players across youth, high school, and college leagues, more than 480,000 high school volleyball players and millions of boys getting ready for soccer, fall sports season is a big opportunity for your business. Don’t miss out, start planning now.

Pre-Spaced Text for player names paired with Pre-Cut Numbers make it easy to personalize team uniforms with your heat press in one easy step. However, it’s important to consider the right materials, fonts, and number styles for each sport.



Full contact sports, like football, require heat transfer materials that are durable and abrasion-resistant. Thermo-FILM®, is the #1 athletic heat transfer material for good reason; it’s engineered to outlast the jersey itself. Other options for football uniforms include Thermo-GRIP®, Poly-TWILL®, and the simulated embroidery look of SimStitch®. Always check with your local sports league administrators for specific decorating requirements for the league.

To learn more about decorating football uniforms visit How to Decorate Football Uniforms. And don’t forget about the cheerleading squad, visit How to Decorate Cheer Apparel.



Thermo-FILM® is a good choice for volleyball uniforms made with sublimated polyester because it inhibits dye migration. Another good choice is Premium Plus®, with its high stretch and rebound on the poly-blend performance fabrics used for volleyball uniforms.

To learn more about decorating volleyball uniforms visit How to Decorate Volleyball Uniforms.

Boys’ Soccer


You’ve got options when decorating soccer uniforms with pre-cut and pre-spaced letters and numbers. Thermo-FILM, Thermo-GRIP, and Premium Plus are all excellent choices. However, stay away from Poly-TWILL™ or SimStitch to avoid adding bulk to the uniform.

To learn more about decorating soccer uniforms visit How to Decorate Soccer Uniforms.

Get ready for fall sports today and then enjoy the summer knowing you’re ready for uniforms sales. Looking for more options to decorate sports jersey? Visit Guide: 5 Ways To Personalize Sports Jerseys.

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