There’s Nothing JV About This Font

High school and college athletes work hard to earn varsity letters. A great source of pride, the letters are worn on jackets (and sometimes sweaters) to show off the student-athlete’s accomplishment for everyone to see. But athletes can look great and be just as proud to wear varsity numbers.

Stahls’ heat transfer numbers in Varsity font, that is. The Number Style of the Week is an oldy but a goody, giving teams, no matter what level, a traditional look. Offer this classic look to customers in a wide variety of sewn and no-sew options:

Pre-Cut Numbers (sew and no-sew options available)
Pre-Spaced Numbers
Embroidered Numbers
CAD-PRINTZ® Digital Number Effects
Player Perfect®
Auto-Stitch Numbers (must be sewn for permanent application)
Custom Cut Numbers (sew and no-sew options available)

Number Style of the Week: Varsity

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