The New Big Thing – Something Old!

by Mary Castelli, Marketing

Cap Decorated with Distressed Appliqué

Judging by recent entertainment trends, with “The Artist” taking home this year’s Best Picture Oscar, “Mad Men” winning consecutive Emmy’s for Outstanding Drama, and “The Great Gatsby” scheduled for a December 2012 release, vintage’s influence will soon touch everything in its path.

The 2012 Magic Show, North America’s largest fashion sourcing event, reinforced this projection. Men’s and women’s fashion forecasts and seminars indicated that the vintage influence will be big. And the trend won’t be limited to fashion. From high to low-end lines, sports apparel to outdoors/hiking wear, vintage appears to be the “next big thing.”

If you’re on the cutting edge, you’re probably thinking “How can I offer this look?” And more importantly, “Could vintage add to my bottom line?” Adding vintage looks to your offering could be as simple as changing the garments you decorate with your heat press. From burn-out T-shirts to enzyme-treated sweatshirts to vintage-styled jerseys, many big name suppliers have recently added or have plans to add vintage-looking apparel to their lines.

The already popular distressed look will stay in the spotlight. Faded, worn graphics on new garments will be in big demand. Distressed Appliqué, in chino twill and felt, or no-sew Distressed Flock  custom designs are great options for giving clothes that vintage look. Applied to a burn-out V-neck or color block hoodie, this look is right on the money.

With so many simple vintage looks, you won’t want to miss out on the next hot trend. Go ahead, heat apply something old, even if it’s new.

Happy Decorating!

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