The 2nd Day of Heat Printing: Caddie Shelves

by Matt DeLaere

Ed tried to make up for the fire with a nicely-wrapped gift. It actually worked.

On the second day of heat printing, my true love gave to me two convenient trays to hold my supplies while I heat print – the Hotronix® Heat Press Caddie™ Shelves (and the #1 athletic lettering material in the world).

Last year I was especially busy decorating team uniforms for reindeer games. I hired a few elves to help me (out-of-work elves are really hard to find) and had three heat presses going at a time. The elves were dressing the lower platens in holiday style (thanks to the Heat Press Caddie’s Threadability™) and churning out uniforms. Above all this bustle I heard them complaining that they had nowhere to keep materials, blanks, and accessories handy.

To remedy this, I built some rather crude tables out of some scrap plywood and cardboard to put next to my heat presses, but that didn’t help. First, Jingles complained that they were too high and wanted me to build new ones at his level. Then Ginger had difficulty moving his press and table to a different area of the shop.  And then Ed (I have my doubts that he’s a real elf) accidentally set one of the tables on fire.  He tried to tell me that he was burning the midnight oil but I’m pretty sure it happened in the afternoon.

Now my elves are happy, though!  The Caddie Shelves are adjustable, so if you want one sideways and one vertical, that’s no problem.  And they attach to the Heat Press Caddie (or Air Fusion™ pedestal stand), so they’re nearby no matter what height the Caddie is set.  Plus, they go where the Caddie goes, whether it’s across the room or to a birthday party at the home of Farmer Gray.

Once again my true love has come through with a gift that helps my business grow like a snowball.  I can’t wait to see what she gives me tomorrow!



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