Tee Up Add-On Sales with Heat Printing

by Matt DeLaere, Marketing

CAD PRINTZ (R)With summer unofficially upon us, golf season is in full swing (pun intended). This time of year, golf courses are packed from dawn to dusk with foursomes, leagues, tournaments, and charity outings. If you’re a golfer, you already know that tournaments and charity outings usually give freebies to participants – and they leave plenty of evidence behind. Look around the tee box and you’ll find broken tees printed with tournaments’ (or participants’) names. Keep an eye out in the woods (and we’ve all hit into the woods) and you’ll find all sorts of golf balls adorned with corporate and charity logos. But there are probably plenty of golf accessories that you’ve never thought of customizing with a heat press.

With the latest advancements in heat printing, such as CAD-PRINTZ® full color digital transfers, there are more customization options for golf equipment than ever before. With a cap press, you can easily decorate caps and visors, whether your customer is looking for one transfer to personalize his cap or for hundreds of caps to be handed out at an event. And logos with finer details and more vivid colors can be applied to golf shirts in cases where embroidery and screen printing aren’t possible (or affordable).

But beyond shirts and caps there are many opportunities to expand your business or for add-on sales. For example, where other methods of decorating might prevent this type of application, CAD-PRINTZ allow smaller, more detailed designs to be applied with a heat press to golf shoes and gloves. With optional and custom heat press platens, decorating these items can be quick and easy. While personalization of shoes may take place on a per-customer basis, charity events might be interested in heat printing their logo on gloves for sale or as gifts.

Golfers love their accessories and accoutrements, and each piece provides an opportunity for customization or personalization. Club head covers, towels, umbrellas, rain covers, valuables pouches, scorecard holders, ball holders, can koozies, and, for the true duffer, cooler bags are all commonly used items that can make for great swag when decorated.

Golf outings of all stripes can be excellent opportunities for your customization business. Be sure to suggest that your customers think about adding customized souvenir items – and encourage them to think outside the (tee) box.

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