T-Shirt-Inspired T-Shirts?

by Matt DeLaere, Marketing

Macaulay Culkin's Meta T-Shirt
Mac no doubt slapped his hands to his face when he saw Gosling’s T-shirt.
[Credit: Twitter, Pizza Underground @cheesedayz]

I was thinking the other day that I really wish I had a T-shirt which pictured someone else wearing a T-shirt with my picture on it. If done right, I could get an infinite regression-type effect, where each image contained a smaller version of itself. Now, that might be cool.

Apparently Macaulay Culkin thought so, too.

You might remember Mac from movies like Uncle Buck and Home Alone, but now he’s all grown up and in a band, the Pizza Underground. The band performs pizza-themed parodies of Velvet Underground songs and has created quite a bit of buzz by tweeting this picture of Macaulay wearing a T-shirt adorned with a picture of actor Ryan Gosling wearing a T-shirt adorned with Mac’s face. In other words, he’s wearing a T-shirt with a picture of a T-shirt with a picture of himself.

The simple decorated T-shirt’s role in pop culture has now reached the point where people are wearing T-shirts celebrating other T-shirts.

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