Stahls’ Canada’s Biggest Show Ever!


Stahls’ Canada National Open House

Wednesday, June 13, 2012 · 9 am to 5 pm
Julius Banquet Centre, Inc.

2201 Finch Avenue West
Suite #32
Toronto, Ontario M9M 2Y9



Everyone loved the Great Garment Graphics show we put on in Toronto back in 2008, and everyone has been asking us when we’re going to do it again.  The answer is now!  We have put together a show so big that it’s leaked off the Stahls’ Canada website and right onto the Stahls’ ID blog, and it’s the one show you don’t want to miss!

Stahls’ Canada is pleased to bring you an exciting FREE event featuring several well-known industry speakers, innovative product demonstrations, how-to sessions for the garment and sign decorating industry, the Canadian unveiling of the new Air Fusion heat press, and even a special question and answer session with Ted Stahl himself!

The main lineup of presentations includes:

Growing Your Business with Stahls’ Canada
Brian Sukarukoff, GroupeSTAHL CEO

CAD-CUT® Direct Tip Jar
Josh Ellsworth, CAD-CUT Direct

Creating Artwork the Right Way
Dane Clement, Great Dane Graphics

All You Need is a Heat Press
Ben Robinson, Hotronix®

Making Signage Work for You
Lucas Crossley, Stahls’ DMS

What’s New?
Sean Oakley, Stahls’ Canada

Did we mention that Ted Stahl will personally be there to answer your questions?

Don’t miss this event! Email with your company name, phone number and the number of seats you would like to reserve before space runs out!


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