Stahls’ ID Celebrates Employees and Baseball

by Cara Cherry, Public Relations

It’s raining tigers (not cats n’ dogs) in Detroit. That’s right! It’s the home opener for the Detroit Tigers, today. The rain is scheduled to end before the game starts at 3:05 pm. At Stahls’ ID Direct, not only are we celebrating our wonderful baseball team, we are celebrating our fantastic employees!

Every Spring, we have an Employee Appreciation luncheon catered by National Coney Island, a Detroit tradition, complete with coney dogs, spinach pie, salad, chips, and soda pop.  Most of the top management was at the event, cheering us on and thanking us for a job well done.

This year, we decided to combine it with the Tigers’  home opener.  Everyone was encouraged to wear their Tiger gear.

As you can see, they were thrilled to oblige.

Go Stahls’ Employees! And Go Tigers!


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