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Apply Today for the Stahl Family Scholarship!

Over 90 years ago, the Stahl family began cutting and applying felt letters out of their Detroit garage. Through hard work and dedication, STAHLS’ has become the proud family-owned and operated business it is today. At STAHLS’, we know the tough grind and commitment it takes to be an entrepreneur. That’s why we’re so excited to announce the 2023 Stahl Family Scholarship to continue supporting heat printing entrepreneurs!

This year, we are awarding two lucky winners quarterly, one small business and one school. That means the Stahl Family Scholarship will total 8 winners throughout 2023! Winners will be chosen by industry experts hand-selected for Business and School Selection Committees. We’re looking for established heat printers that want to take their business to the next level, and schools that foster entrepreneurial development in students.

Winners will receive the Dream Shop Package, including two best-selling Hotronix® heat presses, heat printing accessories, and on-site training with STAHLS’ experts. The Stahl Family is ready to help you fulfill your dreams!

The deadline for first quarter applicants is March 15th. Apply today for your chance to win!

Here’s What You’ll Win

The Dream Shop Package

  • Hotronix® Fusion IQ® 16’’ x 20’’ – 110 V
  • Tag Along™ HP Platen
  • Kraft Paper 10’’ x 20’’ – 25 pack
  • 11’’ x 15’’ Platen
  • Heat Press Pillow Package – All 5 sizes
  • 6’’ x 20’’ Platen – Fusion Leg/Sleeve
  • 6’’ x 10’’ Platen
  • Quick Slip Lower Platen Protector – 11’’ x 15’’
  • Quick Slip Lower Platen Protector – 16’’ x 20’’
  • Print Perfect Pad 5’’ x 6’’
  • Hotronix® 360 IQ® Hat Press
  • Thermo-Tape Holder
  • Thermo-Tape 3/8’’ (2)
  • Flexible Application Pad
  • Quick Slip Lower Platen Protector – 6’’ x 10’’
  • 1/8’’ 4’’ x 8’’ Foam Pad
  • On-site equipment training with STAHLS’ experts

We’re so excited that this year’s Stahl Family Scholarship is the first time we’re including schools! We can’t wait for more moments like this – check out one of our small business winners from 2022 in the video below!

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