Choosing Sports Uniform Number Styles

Get creative when heat printing uniform numbers. There is an evolving trend for teams to break away from traditional block number styles and choose a style that uniquely sets their uniform apart. In response to this trend, there are more number style choices which provides a great opportunity for decorators to offer teams new looks and get customers excited about creating their team’s identity that will separate them from their competition.

When preparing to meet with a team, club, association, or school, I recommend looking at the styles that are available and choose six to ten number styles that you feel will best match the team’s sport.  Once you have identified these styles, print them out and create a binder to go over with your client; you may go as far as creating a couple of samples that then can be used in your team room or brought out on the road for 1 to 1 visits.  Additionally, the Sports Number Tool is a great way to show your potential clients how a number style will look on their uniform.  Easily select the number style, edit the color of the numbers as well as the garment color.  There is also a notes section and areas to enter team details to provide a quote.  The Sports Number Tool can be used on mobile and hand-held devices as well as a PC.

Here are some suggestions when selecting a number style based on the sport.  Typically, football, lacrosse, and hockey will have a larger bold or block number style.  Soccer, volleyball, basketball, baseball/softball will have rounded, block or narrow styles.

Numbers are available with our cost-effective Pre-Cuts, time saving Pre-Spaced, and 1-layer full-color Number Effects.  You can also check out this handy resource on the different ways to personalize sports jerseys.

Once teams see the styles that are available, it won’t take long for the word to spread that your shop is the place to go for unique uniforms.

Looking for more options to decorate sports jerseys? Show your customers new uniform decorating possibilities with the updated Team Decorator.

Helpful Hint: Set yourself apart from your competition and offer specialty finishes that can be achieved when using heat transfer materials.  Add unique finishes with metallic, reflective, neon, and glitter which can be used as accent colors when decorating uniforms.


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