Fundraising with Spirit Sale

Spirit Sale – The Ultimate Fundraising Tool

Give your customers an online store they want to show-off. More than a glorified order form, Spirit Sale™ makes your sites an experience. Spirit Sale is perfect for fundraisers. You can build stores in little time, motivate sales with progress goals and countdown clocks, and enable your customers to personalize their garments.

Save Time and Start Selling with Templates

Spirit Sale makes it easy to set up a great looking store in no time. Choose from a set of templates to make every store look clean and professional. In a matter of minutes, you can have a store up online, loaded with items to sell. With less time spent on setup and order forms, you can spend more time promoting the fundraiser.

Show the Impact of the Fundraiser

Set a fundraiser goal and show progress towards it with a tracker on your store. This motivates your customers to buy more, as they can see in real-time the impact that their purchase makes. When they buy, they see how their contribution helps reach the goal.

Create Urgency with a Countdown Clock

Capitalize on your customer’s FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). Use a countdown clock to show that the fundraiser won’t be around for long. If they want to contribute, they better buy before time runs out. Pair a countdown clock with a progress bar to further motivate customers to contribute now, before the fundraiser ends.

Let Customers Personalize

Optional design elements on products create a unique experience. By giving your customers some control, they can pick and customize a product that makes it personal for them. Add an extra element to the pride of fundraising by letting customers add their name to a product. Add optional designs for contributing members of the community, like parents, teachers, alumni, safety officers, union members, etc. Attach a small upcharge to these extra elements to drive more sales. It’s a win-win situation; your customers will be happy they can customize the product, and you’ll get more business through the customization.

What are you waiting for? Make sure your next fundraiser is a success. Raise more money and generate more business with the power of Spirit Sale. Schedule a demo at today. Watch this video to learn more:

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