CAD-CUT Soft Foam HTV won Product of the Year for Special Effect Heat Transfer Material

The Product of the Year Award Goes to…

It’s no secret Stahls’ strives to provide cutting-edge materials and products to help our customers grow and thrive. We’re always watching trends, listening to customer feedback, and adapting to the ever-changing needs of the market.

Each year, the PRINTING United Alliance hosts a Product of the Year Competition where companies submit their most innovative products for a chance at worldwide recognition in that category. We’ve had much success in the past, with our Hotronix® Heat Presses being awarded and recognized for their revolutionary advancements.

This year, we knew something big had to happen. Because of everything going on around us, we wanted to launch a product unlike anything else on the market. One that wowed our customers and gave them something exciting to look forward to. And I think we achieved just that when we launched CAD-CUT® Soft Foam HTV. We’re happy to announce it’s the 2020 Product of the Year in the Media – Special Effect Heat Transfer Material, Cuttable category. In case you missed it, this new specialty heat transfer vinyl is smooth, pliable, and adds a unique dimension to any item.

Check out how our amazing customer from Star Sports Keller decorated these high-end jackets.

“LOVE the Soft Foam vinyl! If you use flock for a textured or raised look, you need to get the soft foam! We added numbers on these Adidas jackets and they look amazing and very high-end for expensive jackets.”

Bethany Little, Star Sports Keller

As you can see, this specialty heat transfer vinyl really is a game-changer. We’re proud of its success and the recognition it’s been receiving. Stay tuned for all that Stahls’ has to offer in 2021 – we know you won’t be disappointed! In the meantime, head over to this blog post to see how to incorporate Soft Foam HTV into your business.

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