How to Pre-Align Uniform Names with SimStitch

Now you can take loose letters and turn them into pre-aligned names, ready to be heat applied to a team uniform.

By using SimStitch®, you can provide your customers with a professional look of sewn twill without the sewing as it has a simulated zigzag stitch along the edges of the material.  It is made from Stahls’ Perma-TWILL® and applies with just a heat press, saving you time and stitches, allowing you to offer your customers an affordable price option with higher-end personalization.

Now you can save yourself even more time when personalizing uniforms with pre-aligned SimStitch® letters. Here’s how:

What you’ll need:

  • Stahls’ Lettering Layout Guide
  • High Tack Magic Mask Strips* (5-pack of 3.6″ x 20″ strips arrive with Lettering Layout Guide)
  • *Also sold separately in packs of 5

How to create pre-aligned SimStitch® names:

  • Affix the Lettering Layout Guide to a tabletop surface
  • Position and align letters onto the Lettering Layout Guide
  • Mask the name with a High Tack Magic Mask Strip*
  • *When removing the paper backing from the strip there can be static, to ground it, touch it to your pants, shirt or run it along the edge of the table horizontally
  • Peel the name from the Lettering Layout Guide
  • Place pre-aligned SimStitch® name onto garment
  • Apply with your heat press (20 seconds, 350°, Med/Firm pressure)
  • Peel (hot/warm)

An additional benefit to using the High Tack Magic Mask Strips is that the strip is re-usable, in some cases lasting up to 7 applications.  So, you can use that same strip to create more pre-aligned names.  Check the adhesive side of the mask and when you feel that it has lost its tack, replace the strip.

Helpful Hint: When staging pre-aligned SimStitch® name strips for a team order, you can affix the created name back onto the paper backing for later application.

See how to create pre-aligned SimStitch® names in the video below:

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