Show Off FlexStyle® to Your Customers with this New Flip book

Need a great tool to show off what FlexStyle heat-applied emblems has to offer? Highlight the possibilities of apparel decoration with the new digital FlexStyle Flipbook. The online book shows each of the different styles available in FlexStyle Emblems, Texture, Flat, Dome & Beveled.

Pair the FlexStyle Flipbook with 2 or 3 applied samples from the FlexStyle Starter Pack to inspire your customer with what can be done. These emblems elevate the look of apparel and items, adding a luxury appeal that you can upsell.

This flip book is also a great tool when looking for new ideas for emblems. Corporate wear, promotional goods, fashion apparel — all of these markets are perfect for FlexStyle. Use this FlexStyle Flipbook to show off the great color, dimension, and texture of FlexStyle emblems. There’s no denying the impression it makes.

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