Road (Rally Support) Rules

This week Team Stahl is participating in the Great Race, a vintage car rally running from St. Paul, MN to Mobile, AL. Ted and Mary Stahl are driving the Spirit of Stahls 1934 Ford Deluxe Phaeton, while sons Brett and Dan compete in the Stahl & Stahl 1941 Packard.  You can track their progress on the Spirit of Stahls’ Facebook page. The race wraps up Sunday at 2 pm on Dauphin St. in downtown Mobile.  The Spirit of Stahls Sprinter van is meeting the teams and fans at each stop along the route. Here’s a report from the road.

   Lessons learned from the Spirit of Stahls Sprinter crew in the 2013 Great Race

by Danielle Petroskey, Marketing

Just like in the rally, have all eyes on the road looking for signs.
Rule 1: Just like in the rally, have all eyes
on the road looking for signs.

1.) You may not be in the rally per se, but you’re definitely in a race – to get to the next location before the cars you’re supporting arrive.

2.) Have more than one form of GPS technology in the van,  in case “Zelda”, the lady who talks at every turn, takes you on a wild goose chase.

3.) Be willing to stop and ask for directions if all else fails.

4.) Take LOTS of pictures. Everyone on your team needs a camera to capture different perspectives.

Teddy carbs up.
Rule 5: Teddy carbs up.

5.) Eat when and where you can find food, you never know what the day may bring.

6.) Don’t drink too much coffee, there may not be an abundance of rest stops along the way.

7.) Find out where your rain gear is packed, before it rains.

8.) Ladies, good hair days are not on the agenda. Luckily, we have hats!

9.) Sunblock is a must, unless of course you like the “farmer tan” look. In which case, skip this rule.

10.) Always carry a pen and small pad of paper.  Inevitably there is some information you’ll want to remember for later.

11.) Plot out where the diesel gas stations are along your route or at the very least, ask the staff at the hotel before you leave to get on the road.

Rule 13
Rule 13: Kids these days!

12.) Listen to the fans who come out in each city, most of them have a story about their favorite car and want to share their memories.  It’s like having mini history lessons all day long .

13.) Encourage the kids and ask them questions, many of the younger generations know more about the classic cars than we do.  And if they don’t, they are eager to learn.

14.) Keep your sense  of humor. There might be what some may consider tense or stressful situations, especially after a long,  hot day in the sun. You’ll quickly realize that laughter really is the best medicine.

15.) Take time to acknowledge the scenery. We live in a beautiful country with many fascinating sites and tucked-away gems.

16.) Enjoy the ride!  Very few people are fortunate enough to experience the Great Race so up close and personal. Take it all in, you are a part of American vintage car history.

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