Reach New Markets with the A2Z Swing Away

It’s a brand new year! That means new goals, new projects, and even new business opportunities. With your A2Z Swing Away Heat Press, you can literally heat press everything from A to Z.

With CAD-CUT® Heat Transfer Vinyl, you can cut designs or logos on a vinyl cutter, or order cut and weeded graphics from our Custom Logo Services. No matter what equipment you have in your shop, we have the right option for you! In addition to traditional apparel—like hoodies, zippies, and outerwear—you can expand your offerings and add durable Sign Vinyl or dimensional Emblems & Patches to tumblers, headwear, yard signs, vehicle windows, and more.

Below you’ll see how our team is using today’s most innovative HTV to create looks for Landscaping/Snow Removal/Home Improvement markets. Depending where you live, these can be seasonal jobs that require certain apparel, or year-round that require warm and cold-weather garments. It’s a great profit opportunity that requires little time and investment.

Create Bold Looks with your A2Z Swing Away

Amp up this traditional left pocket long-sleeve tee with a bright and bold design. Here we’ve used our new CAD-CUT® UltraWeed™ HTV to create a one-color logo that’s sure to get noticed. This vinyl is the perfect choice for everyday projects, especially when applying on today’s popular and lightweight fabrics.

Take your customer’s logo to new heights with our most innovative material: CAD-CUT® Soft Foam HTV. This specialty dimensional material has a suede-like finish and adds a unique, raised look to anything it’s applied to. Plus it applies at a lower temperature, making it easy to decorate heat-sensitive beanies.

So, where can you find this business? Just like with any business, putting yourself and services out there is key! Share your business or items on social media, like Facebook and Instagram. Or you can advertise in newspapers, local church newsletters, or place your ad on bulletin boards in local shops. If you’re up for it, try canvassing small local businesses. Chances are they’re either ordering online and paying top dollar, or they haven’t found someone to create their custom apparel. Or they weren’t aware this is something they could buy and you can show them all the possibilities!

With the A2Z Heat Press, you can create professional-quality apparel for any market. If a heat press isn’t in your budget, check out the STAHLS’ Heat Press Scholarship Program for your chance to win the heat press and accessories to take your business from passion to profits!

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2 thoughts on “Reach New Markets with the A2Z Swing Away”

  1. does this replace the Fusion or just a cheaper machine.
    does it swing to the left or only the right

  2. Hi! Thanks for reading our post. This does not replace the Fusion. This is a more economical press that offers the swing-away feature. It does not have the IQ technology that the Fusion has. It only swings to the right.

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