Pre-Spaced Text & Numbers – Press Your Products, Not Yourself

by Matt DeLaere, Marketing

Heat presses use time, temperature, and pressure to get the job done. But what happens when time constraints, the pressure to get things done (correctly), and the heat of a busy shop start getting to you? Don’t be the one getting pressed – there are several pre-spaced text and number options available that will save you time and effort when fulfilling your orders.

Whether you’re pressed for time (there’s that word again) or just find it to be a chore to align letters, numbers, or graphics, our pre-spaced offerings can help you out. Decorating a lot of jersey orders? Player Perfect™ pre-spaced text and numbers will help save you time and effort. Names and numbers come perfectly aligned on one carrier, allowing for quick and worry-free application.

Team Perfect™ allows you to apply text and graphics in one simple step. Simply choose a font, size, graphic, and heat transfer material, and your order comes on one easy-to-apply carrier. No more measuring each shirt, bag, or jersey to ensure perfect alignment – we do the work for you.

Then, of course, there are our Pre-Spaced Text and Pre-Spaced Numbers. Easily apply player names, team names, messages, uniform numbers, or class years onto jerseys, shirts, and bags in one step. We even offer pre-aligned vertical text for decoration of sleeves and legs.

You can also save time weeding with ZIPP Weed™. With this option, cavities are removed and a center notch is included for easy placement on the substrate. With all the time you save weeding and aligning, you’ll notice an increase in productivity and a decrease in pressure to meet deadlines.

Plus, our pre-spaced offerings are now available in Glitter Flake, Super Film, Flock, and Premium Plus™ heat transfer materials. So whether your customers are looking to decorate performance wear, spirit wear, athletic uniforms and warm-ups, or fashion garments, there’s an option available.

And to save you even more time and effort, we have a new Pre-Spaced Ordering System, allowing you to preview your design while taking advantage of convenient one-page ordering. Learn more about this new ordering system in this video.

So, to save time and effort, thereby increasing productivity, look into pre-spaced text and numbers. You’ll be glad you did.

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