Pre Cut Heat Transfer Vinyl Designs

Pre-Cut Heat Transfer Vinyl Designs

Creating artwork can be one of the biggest challenges among apparel decorators. Do you ever find yourself wishing there was an easy way to create artwork? Do you wish there was something simple offering pre-cut heat transfer vinyl designs? Wish no more! We’ve got just what you’ve been looking for: CAD-CUT® Heat Transfer Templates.

Our easy-to-use online designer is free to use, has no minimum order, instant pricing, a wide selection of clipart and fonts. Our design tool has a fantastic library of templates that will make quick work of creating custom artwork for your customers.

Here are some additional features you may not be aware of:

Interchangeable Data

This feature makes it easy to order designs that can accommodate a whole team’s jersey numbers. Simply choose the template category “Interchangeable Data” or add interchangeable data clipart to your template. Once the template is chosen, you can swap the clipart, and then enter lines of variable data, including numbers and text. See below for examples.

football team design with black lettering and numbers using pre cut heat transfer designs on white background
The original template, CME-ID-0006. The number inside the clipart and the text inside the bottom ribbon can be edited on a piece-by-piece basis.
football team design with black lettering and numbers using pre cut heat transfer designs on white background
Simply enter the text you need to easily customize the design.
football team design with black lettering and numbers using pre cut heat transfer designs on white background
Once you have the design, simply add additional player names and numbers by adding rows with additional content. The easy way to create artwork for the whole team.

Pair Mascots with Vertical Text

Stahls’ Pre-Spaced Vertical Text is great for printing text on sleeves and legs, but there are character limits, text must be uppercase, and any mascots or other artwork would need to be aligned by hand. With CAD-CUT® Templates, you can receive pre-aligned vertical text and clipart, ready to heat press. Plus, text is available in a wide variety of fonts, including upper and lowercase. Heck, you can even add additional clipart with interchangeable data!

Vertical Text with Bulldog clipart and interchangeable data to customize design


Foregrounds Have Bordering

Sometimes you’ll want your text and clipart to overlap, but don’t want the foreground to get lost in the design. Foreground bordering allows you to experiment with your design without worrying about making changes to the background.

State clipart with star and home text

Add as Many Lines of Text as You’d Like

You aren’t limited to just one or two lines of text. We have text-based templates that are three and four lines long, and additional lines of text (and clipart) can be added. Add as many as will fit in your design.

multiple lines of text on graphic with check mark clipart

Have Your Designs Cut in CAD-CUT® Adhesive

Do you love the metallic finish of Heat Transfer Foil? But what if you don’t own a vinyl cutter or don’t want to spend time cutting and weeding the Heat Press Adhesive? Your CAD-CUT® Templates custom design can be ordered in CAD-CUT® Heat Press Adhesive. It will arrive cut and weeded, ready to apply with your heat press. It’s a great way to get in on the foil game,  saving both time and labor.

Preview Material and Garment Color Combinations

The CAD-CUT® Templates online designer allows you to choose a background color to simulate the garment you’ll be decorating, and shows your chosen heat transfer vinyl in the color in which it will arrive – including special effects. Now you can see what Silver Hologram will look like on a red shirt, or what Pink Glitter Flake™ will look like on a gray shirt:

Customizable text with pink Glitter Flake design and clipart


Save Your Designs

You can save in-progress or completed designs to work on later or re-order. With “Templates” selected, click on the “My Files” tab to access your saved designs.

Screenshot of custom pre cut heat transfer clipart saved files

With CAD-CUT Templates, the possibilities are endless. Login and start designing today to see what you can create.

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6 thoughts on “Pre-Cut Heat Transfer Vinyl Designs”

  1. Hey there is I was to send you a design you can put it on vinyl for me so I can transfer it on a t shirt correct

  2. Hi Griff, yes we can send you custom transfers from your design. Please visit our Artwork Uploader page for more information and to send your artwork. If you have questions, you can reach our Customer Service Team at 800-478-2457. Thanks!

  3. I would like to order 4 inch silver grey and also black vinyl numbers I can iron on jersey sleeves. Is that possible?

  4. Hi Andy! That is absolutely possible! We have pre-cut numbers available in a variety of sizes, fonts, materials, and colors. Our best choice HTV material for jerseys is Thermo-FILM and it is available in both black and silver. You can order our pre-cut numbers here.

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