No More Heat Press Marks! 3 Techniques You Need To Know

If you don’t load your garment onto the heat press correctly you risk glossing, heat press marks, or discoloration. To prevent these issues use the following tools and techniques.threaded

Threadability™– Hotronix® heat presses allow for easy decorating of front, back and side of garments without removing it from the press. Split the garment and thread it onto the lower platen. This gets rid of print through from the seams on the opposite side of the garment. Learn more about Threadability™ in this video.

Smaller Platen – A smaller platen helps you reach just your print area without pressing the seams to avoid heat press marks and glossing. Stahls’ carries a variety of interchangeable platens for the best fit on your project. With Hotronix Quick Change technology, it’s quick and easy to swap out platens for each of your jobs.

Heat Press Threadability
Avoid Heat Press Marks

Heat Printing Pillows – These reusable ¾” foam core pillows coated with a non-stick finish are an invaluable tool in getting a professional finish on your garments. Heat print pillows are great for garments that have multiple seams, buttons, or zippers. The seams or other obstructions sink down into the pillow preventing print-through and eliminating heat press marks. See our heat printing pillows.

Josh Ellsworth shows you the do’s and don’ts when loading garments onto your heat press at with How to Load Garments onto a Heat Press.

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