NHL Stadium Series Kits Available

by Matt DeLaere, Marketing

The NHL® has had a lot of success lately with its Winter Classics. Going back to Buffalo in 2008 right through this past Wednesday in Ann Arbor, MI the site of professional hockey players going back to their roots, playing on an outdoor rink in the snow, has been a hugely popular New Year’s Day event.

Riding the wave of Winter Classic success, the NHL has introduced several more outdoor games this season, known collectively as the Stadium Series. This isn’t just a continuation of the Winter Classic, though.

Teams participating in the Winter Classic have worn throwback or faux-back  jerseys – jerseys worn by the team in the past or designed for a retro look. And most of the games have featured snow flurries and showers as part of the event’s unique atmosphere.

The Stadium Series features futuristic uniforms for each participating team, including interpretations of team logos with a chrome treatment. The logos are screen printed on the jersey, allowing for more of a special-effect look and lighter feel than is possible with traditional embroidered crests. Elongated numbers are used one the backs of the jerseys, giving them a unique look that is easier to see from a distance. And it’s a safe bet that there will be no snow showers at the series’ first game, January 25th at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles.  Yes, there’s going to be an outdoor ice hockey game in Los Angeles.

Stahls’ has offically licensed NHL®/NHLPA® player name and number kits for your customers who will be looking to honor their favorite players with replicas of these special event uniforms. When ordering, simply pick the appropriate team and, under jersey type, select “STADIUM 14.” Under “Player Name & Number,” just pick your customer’s favorite player from the convenient drop-down list.

Here’s a look at the Stadium Series jerseys for each game:

January 25th – Kings and Ducks, Dodgers Stadium

[Image from http://www.icethetics.info]

January 26th – Devils and Rangers, Yankee Stadium

     [Image from www.icethetics.info] [Image from http://www.nyrangersblog.com]
January 29th – Rangers and Islanders, Yankee Stadium

[Image from http://www.blueshirtsunited.com] [Image from http://www.islanders.nhl.com]

March 1st – Penguins and Blackhawks, Soldier Field

[Image from http://www.penguins.nhl.com] [Image from http://www.blackhawks.nhl.com]


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