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Introducing a New Option in Printable HTV

Hooray! A printable heat transfer vinyl that works with both light or dark garments is here! CAD-COLOR® Soft Opaque is sure to be a stand-out among our printable heat transfer vinyl products.

Printable heat transfer materials are designed for solvent inks using a print/cut system. They enable you to produce full color digital transfers for application on a wide variety of fabrics.

What makes Soft Opaque different? It’s a thin heat transfer vinyl that not only doesn’t weigh down even the softest materials, but it stretches right along with the stretchiest fabrics and has great rebound. If you love our SuperTEK® Matte Clear printable heat transfer vinyl, your heart will really swell because Soft Opaque can be applied to dark garments in addition to white or light substrates. Vivid colors will stand out regardless of the garment it is being applied to.

In any apparel decorating business, time is money. With our Soft Opaque printable heat transfer vinyl, the one step application will prove to be a game-changer in your shop’s production. Not only is the application faster, but a hot peel means less waiting.

At STAHLS‘, innovation never stops.

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