New Rhinestone Transfer Designs Heat Up the Summer

by Matt DeLaere, Marketing

The new patriotic Rhinestone Transfer Designs.

With July 4th right around the corner, the dog days of summer on their way, and Labor Day looming, customers will be looking for fun, trendy clothing and accessories – especially those of the patriotic variety. We have six new rhinestone transfer designs that will help you give them what they want.

Your customers will be smacking their lips (available in a sheet of six designs) when they see what you have to offer – and they’ll be making tracks to your store (probably with our sheet of six paw prints). Every diva in the area will flirt with the idea of these designs and will love the finished product so much she’ll shower it with kisses (all four of these words, coincidentally, are available on one sheet – funny how that worked out).

Are your customers taking part in a breast cancer awareness walk or other event this summer? They can promote the cause while looking great in our new ribbon designs, available in sheets of six, consisting of pink rhinestones, rhinestuds, and nailheads. The ribbons are in different sizes, making them great for a main decoration or as an accent to heat transfer material with the name of the event.

Your customers will be so happy with the new designs, they’ll want to cheer. They can show that enthusiasm with our new “Cheer” design, featuring the word, along with colorful stars and a megaphone.

And speaking of stars, our new patriotic designs are sure to be a hit. Your customers can show off their pride in their country with these five designs, all available on one inexpensive sheet. With large and small flags, a stars and stripes heart, and a red, white, and blue shooting star, these designs will add the rhinestones’ red glare to shirts, hats, and accessories, and leave your customers bursting with patriotism (possibly even in air).

All of our rhinestone transfer designs come pre-arranged on a transfer sheet. Just cut out the design you want to use, place it on your garment, and apply with your heat press. They’re quick, easy, profitable, and most importantly, they look terrific

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