New Looks in Hockey

by Matt DeLaere, Marketing

Last week marked the start of the 2013-14 NHL season, and several teams are sporting new looks, ranging from jersey redesigns to a complete makeover. Stahls’ is your source for NHL®/NHLPA® licensed jersey kits, each of which includes a player name and number, sleeve number, and a captain’s “C” or alternate’s “A,” where applicable. These names and numbers can be placed temporarily with a heat press, but must be sewn for permanent application.

Kits are now available in each of the new uniform styles discussed below (and in Winter Classic styles for the Detroit Red Wings and Toronto Maple Leafs). Our player lists have been updated with current rosters for the start of the season, so you can find your customer’s favorite player when ordering an Official NHL/NHLPA Player Name and Number, or you can place your customer’s own name with a Personalized Name and Number kit.

We’ll also have kits available for the new Calgary Flames alternate jersey, once it is unveiled, so stay tuned..

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The most drastic changes came from the Dallas Stars, who changed their logo, jersey design, and color palette. Gone is the simple black jersey with a “Dallas” wordmark and dark green and gold highlights. The new home jersey features a redesigned logo, with a white and silver “D” placed over a star, and a vibrant green primary color, reminiscent of the team’s origins as the Minnesota North Stars.

The white road jersey is marked by a green shoulder yoke and black, white, and green stripes. Both jerseys feature simple, monochromatic numbers and names, in keeping with the old-fashioned feel of the new look.


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The Carolina Hurricanes simplified their design, removing silver striping and the hurricane warning flag stripe that had been part of their jersey since the team’s move from Hartford in 1997. The red home jersey has a more traditional feel, with simple white stripes, while the white road jersey has an added red shoulder yoke and more simplified striping.



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A new road sweater was designed for the Minnesota Wild.  Once again, the design has been simplified with a more old-fashioned feel. The new jersey makes a less prominent use of red, with a green shoulder yoke and stripes. Red is limited to the logo, collar, and numbers, making the secondary color stand out a bit more.


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The San Jose Sharks bucked the shoulder yoke trend, actually removing theirs.  Home and road jerseys are now solid teal and solid white, with striping limited to the arms.  The orange highlight color has also been reduced, limited to one stripe on each arm, and being totally removed from letters and numbers.

The Sharks eliminated the waist stripes and shoulder yokes in an effort to make the jerseys lighter and more comfortable for their players.


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And finally, in perhaps the most controversial change of the season, the Buffalo Sabres introduced a new alternate jersey. With a yellow front, blue back and shoulders, and prominent use of gray on the sleeves and numbers, the jersey introduces a bold new look for the Sabres.  While some have panned the changes, Buffalo certainly can’t be accused of being timid (and besides, I kind of like it).

Be sure to check back to learn about Calgary’s upcoming third jersey.






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