multi-colored squares of new colors of heat transfer vinyl

New Colors in Heat Transfer Vinyl

You asked for more colors in heat transfer vinyl, so STAHLS’ is delivering. After the launch of new Premium Plus colors in November, STAHLS’ is following up with more available colors for our most popular heat transfer vinyl. CAD-CUT® Glitter Flake, Fashion-FILM®, and Thermo-FILM are seeing new colors added to their lineup.

Get inspired to create designs using these new colors. Here’s the full list of added colors:

6 New Colors of CAD-CUT® Glitter Flake

Beach Blue CAD-CUT Glitter FlakeMedium Pink Glitter FlakePale Yellow Glitter Flake Rainbow Plum Glitter Flake HTVRainbow Coral CAD-CUT Glitter Flake heat transfer vinylVintage Gold Glitter Flake Heat Transfer Vinyl

8 New Colors of CAD-CUT® Fashion-FILM®

Electric Teal Fashion-FILM Heat Transfer VinylElectric Purple Heat Transfer VinylElectric Pearl HTVElectric Peach Fashion-FILMElectric Indigo Fashion-FILM Heat TransferElectric Green Fashion HTVElectric Cranberry Heat Transfer VinylElectric Blue Frost Fashion-FILM

2 New Colors of CAD-CUT® Thermo-FILM®

Hero Red Thermo-FILM HTVHero Blue Thermo-FILM Heat Transfer Vinyl


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6 thoughts on “New Colors in Heat Transfer Vinyl”

  1. Your website is becoming impossible to place an order. I just want to order vinyl. I cannot find the color I am looking for there is just too much junk to sort through. I need to find another supplier.

  2. Hey Jamie,

    The CAD-CUT Glitter Flake mentioned in this post cannot be printed on. It is your traditional, single-color heat transfer vinyl. CAD-COLOR Glitter is the printable heat transfer vinyl you’re looking for. It’s compatible with Roland®, Mutoh, Mimaki, and other solvent print/cut systems.

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