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Here we are blogging away about our products, services and things we think you’ll find interesting. But, in reality, we’re not sure if it’s helpful to you or even if you’re interested. So, we thought we’d ask the question:

What would you like to see covered in this blog?

Are you new to heat printing and have a burning (pun intended) question? Have you been in the business for a long time and want us to cover something new? Are you an embroiderer who is curious about appliqué? Are you in the promotional products industry and wondering how we fit?  Are you wondering what the difference is between heat transfer vinyl and the various full color digital transfers offered? Do you have an idea you’d like us to explore? Do you want to be in the spotlight?

Whatever you want to know; ask, we’ll answer. Tell us, we’ll listen. It can be anything. Simple as that.  We are your allies in this business. We want to help you grow and profit!

Please leave your suggestions, questions, thoughts, ideas, etc, in the comment section. Please pass this post on to anyone else you believe will benefit or has ideas, questions, etc. This is an ongoing and open invitation. We love your feedback!

Thanks in advance for helping us help you.


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8 thoughts on “Need a little help from our friends…”

  1. Over the last 7 plus years, we have tried to evolve with the industry. We started out screen printing shirts, and to be honest with you, I don’t care if I ever push another squeege (we have a 4 color 4 station manual press).
    For a few large orders we have used the Transfer Express Goof Proof Prints and have been extremely satisfied. We have a Suma plotter cutter and a Roland VP540. I get excited watching your videos with all of the possibilities, but we are a home based business with no storefront. We are trying to figure out the direction we want to go with our business and the new equipment. There are so many possibilities, it can be mind boggling.
    Maybe a forum or platform for us other than the t-shirt forum. More specialized for this end of the industry where we can talk about our success and failures. What works and what doesn’t as far as the business goes.

  2. Hi Steve!

    Thanks so much for your comments. Have you ever heard of I believe this is exactly what you’re looking for. It’s a community filled with great information! Hope you enjoy.

    Please come back and let us know your thoughts.

  3. I have a client who owns a coffee shop and I am making aprons for her staff. The other day, she asked if I could also apply her logo to a dry erase board. What type of vinyl would you recommend for a dry erase board and would it be durable?

  4. Hi Tim! Great question. There are a few ways I could answer this for you. If your client wants a 1 or 2 color design, that you would cut yourself, I would suggest using our PS Sign Vinyl. If they want a full color logo, you could use one of our CAD-Printz™ wall graphics or custom stickers. Hope this helps.

  5. Thanks for the sign vinyl recommendation. We’ll be doing that soon. I have another non-garment question. It seems garments can lead to other options and vice versa. We have another client we would like to offer window clings to. What would you recommend for this?

  6. i would like to learn more about the cad color systems like the versacam, and to know if it is an economical solution for my bussiness, it is an ezpensive machine, i would like to get one, but i want to see more vidoes on it and on its cost for running and production, also i would like to know if it is better that using normal transfer paper.

  7. Hi Tim, I completely agree with your statement! Everything seems to lead to something else. The only limit is creativity. : ) I recommend our CAD-PRINTZ(TM) “>Window Decals. These have an adhesive on the back instead of a static cling. (we don’t offer static cling at the moment.)

    I’m curious, which heat transfer vinyls do you use the most?

  8. Hi Mohammad! Thanks for the question! I am going to recommend you speak with one of our affiliate companies Imprintables Warehouse as they are the experts regarding the VersaCAMM. Their phone number is 800-347-0068. You may also want to visit to speak with current owners of VersaCAMM.

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