Are you up on the team apparel latest trends?

Welcome back to part 2 of a 4 part series on the latest decorating trends in the market today.

By Paul Sabatini


Color. Customers are shifting towards more colors on team apparel. Computer generated designs that can feature gradients, the look of texture, and shading are becoming more and more requested when looking at team uniform designs.

Teams are starting to look for other ways of decorating team uniforms besides the normal twill and vinyl colors. That is not to say that those materials are on the way out but you also need to think of offering this specialty type of graphic capability to your customers.   Consider fashion colors and patterned designs such as animal prints, polka dots, plaids, and camouflage.

With CAD-PRINTZ™ full color digital transfers and CAD-PRINTZ™ text and number effects you will have the capability of providing the demand for these latest trends.

Having the ability to order a full color digital transfer is easy. Simply upload your artwork and the process has begun. You do not have to turn away those jobs anymore which require very fine detail or graphic requirements to produce for your customers.  Here are some design ideas that you can look through.

Using our text and number effects gives you the ability to produce team names, names, and numbers with unlimited color options. You can also choose to have a pattern with a second and third color outline. The best part is…it is only one application.  The text or number effect will come as a digital transfer with all colors or effects digitally printed onto the media.  Check out some of the effects that are offered.

Helpful selling tip: Since you can order just one, create some samples of the text and number effects and put them on some T-shirts or performance apparel.  You can also order a very detailed design that you may have and apply it on a sample garment as well.  Customers won’t order what they can’t see.

Look for the third trend (Placement) later this month.

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