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Why a Messy Heat Printing Shop is Bad For Business

Running a custom apparel business with heat transfer vinyl is rewarding and profitable.  But it’s important to keep your shop neat and clean for maximum efficiency and production. Our friends at The Ink Kitchen shared some insight from ISS Atlantic City and Ryan Moor of Ryonet. He told the group the most successful shops he visits are also the cleanest. Poor Ink Kitchen went on to try and shame themselves into cleaning up their own messy shop to improve efficiency, increase production, and reduce mistakes.

Don’t beat yourselves up guys, we’ve all been there. But here’s why a mess shop it bad for business.

First Impressions are Important

If your workspace or shop is messy and cluttered, it conveys a lack of professionalism or capability to clients or potential clients. A clean, organized shop instills confidence and trust with your customers from the beginning and lets them know they can expect efficient service with attention to detail.

Happier Employees

Increase productivity, efficiency, and general job satisfaction with a clean well-maintained work environment. Your employees are a direct reflection of your brand and business, if they’re unhappy or dissatisfied with their environment you’re more likely to have high turnover, low morale, and quality issues.

Safety First

A messy shop creates tripping hazards and other safety issues. Misplaced equipment becomes an unexpected obstacle, materials are misidentified causing chemical reactions. Having a place for everything and putting things back when you use them will greatly reduce the risk of accidents.

Quality Output

A messy shop means you can get ink where it doesn’t belong on a garment. Or mix up heat transfer vinyl application on the wrong garment. These mistakes cost you time to fix and redo. They also cost you in customer satisfaction when you send out dirty or incorrectly applied garments – they’ll return them costing you more money and potentially losing a customer altogether.

Get your business back on track and clean up your workspace. You’ll give your customers confidence, keep your employees happy, have a safer environment, and give higher quality output to your customers.

Remember getting clean is hard, but a clean shop is more likely to stay clean. So get to work, keep it up, and you’ll reap the rewards.

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