Interns Find Out About Embroidery & More

This summer, Stahls’ ID Direct™ has implemented its first internship program, with 10 college students gaining real-world experience in the heat printing industry. This is part of an ongoing series of blog posts by our interns, discussing their experiences.

by Yeng V., Intern

Today’s author, enjoying being “the guy.”

Since the start of this internship, Stahls’ has been an interesting journey. From day one, I was quickly corrected that this company does not do embroidery, which I told many of my friends it did. Stahls’ does, however, have many embroidered options, like embroidered letters and numbers, Pre-Sewn Distressed letters and numbers, SimStitch® , Any Word. Any Way.™ appliqué options, and more. Each one either has embroidery on it, looks embroidered, or needs an embroidery machine, along with a heat press. So I guess I was not completely wrong.

And up until now, having lunch-and-learns with so many creative people here at the company has been great. These handfuls of people that we’ve met with are just a small group of this big “umbrella” that brings success to such an amazing company.

After sitting down with Stahls’ ID Direct General Manager Brian McLeod all the way to GroupeSTAHL CEO Brian Sukarukoff, I’m left with much insight into not just the world of business… marketing… finance… and human resources, but also taught many life lessons as well. None of these people led a clear paved path or had a one-way ticket towards where they are today. Each one had their own struggles and battle scars to tell along with their workplace stories and experiences. It just reminds me that there is a bigger picture being put together by a so-called “wind that blows,” as was referred to by Ted Stahl. You just take the opportunities that come your way, never say “no,” and one day you may just end up using the small things that you picked up along the way.

Everything that I’ve learned with this summer internship, no matter big or small, will stay with me. Whether it’s the apparel decoration cramming with the training coordinator, Juliet, the lunch-and-learns, or just being the only guy intern with a group of hilarious girls, I can now honestly say, “I know the difference between embroidery, screen printing, and sublimation.”


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