How to Streamline Numbering Uniforms

Numbering uniforms can be labor-intensive and time-consuming, but there are ways to boost speed and efficiency, minimize mistakes, and increase productivity—and profit. The key to streamlining the process and to getting more done faster begins with having a game plan.

Boost profits and save time when decorating team uniforms with these tips.

Start with your work space

Your heat press workstation should be set up with achieving maximum efficiency in mind.

Allow enough space to lay out letters or numbers before placement. It is important to keep this area clear of debris and to make sure that you have a flat, level work space. You will want to be able to manage blank garments waiting to be decorated and completed garments.

Heat press accessories, such as Quick Change Platens and Heat Printing Pillows, as well as supplies like Cover Sheets, Thermo-Tape, Lettering Layout Guide, Laser Alignment Tool, etc., should be within easy reach and in a specific spot for quick access.

Pre-Cut Letters and Numbers should be stored in storage boxes  labeled with the font, size, and color. This keeps them organized for faster pulling. It also aids in inventory management and makes it easier to tell when you’re running low on an item.

The heat press station layout should also reflect an enhanced production flow. The goal is to minimize the frequency you need to step away from the heat press to grab a garment, transfer, or decorating tool. Everything should be within reach.

Have pieces ready to press

Having garments, as well as names, numbers, and graphics, staged and ready to go beforehand saves time, reduces errors, and catches potential problems such as not having the correct sized product, before they become an issue that holds up production—or, worse, are shipped to the customer.

Pulling the names/numbers from the roster and matching them to the appropriate size, and then putting them in a plastic baggie and clipping it to the corresponding size shirt is an ideal approach.

Ready. Set. Press.

Stack the blank garments to one side of the press, then move them to the other after application.

Pack to please.

Once you have completed a team’s uniforms, it can be helpful—and a service to the customer—to again group them by size. This, along with folding them with the player name/number facing out, allows the customer and your staff to confirm that the order is correct.

Much success with your team printing seasons.

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