How to Make Safety ‘Cool’ with a Heat Press

By Matt DeLaere, Marketing

Safety and fashion don’t always go hand-in-hand, especially when it comes to teenagers. Parents want their kids to be safe, and safety just isn’t “cool.” And let’s face it, kids aren’t safe to start with. Just the other day I was sitting at a light as two teenagers walked along, chatting. The light turned green, cars started moving, and the teenagers walked right into the intersection. Nobody got hurt, but a couple of rear bumpers were in peril for a second.  Bottom line: safety is most definitely not first with the young ‘uns.

In this video, Josh Ellsworth of CAD-CUT® Direct shows how you can layer heat transfer materials that will keep kids looking safe and cool. Josh uses 3M™ Reflective heat transfer material and a heat press to make great-looking designs that will help keep the kids safe as they head out to football games, dances, and other teenager-type functions. Great thing is, the designs look good enough that the kids won’t even notice the safety element – such is Josh’s genius. Instead of parents having to beg their kids to wear something visible, the kids will want these garments.

Young football fans and dance enthusiasts aren’t the only ones who can benefit from the creative layering of specialty heat transfer materials. Josh also discusses the profitability of such designs when sold to youth teams, cheer squads, and other groups. And kids aren’t the only ones. The use of reflective with fashion materials is sure to pique the interest of adult joggers and bicyclists.

As a bonus, Josh also gives some handy tips on heat application, such as the “threading” of garments on the lower platen and the use of pillows on items with buttons.

So watch the video and learn how you can use your creativity and heat transfer materials to create garments that look great – most importantly to passing motorists.

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