The Best Ways to Use a Laser Cutter for Heat Transfer Vinyl

Laser cutters are a big investment for your business so why not get the most out of it. If you want to learn how to use a laser cutter for heat transfer vinyl, you’ve come to the right place.  We’ve told you the benefits of using a laser to cut HTV before, 5 Reasons To Use Heat Transfer Vinyl With Your Laser Cutter. Now we’ve collected some of the best Stahls’ TV videos to give you more ideas, and tips, for using your laser cutter with heat transfer vinyl.

Intro to Laser Cutting for Apparel

Get an overview of laser cutting for apparel with a look at initial steps in cutting heat transfer vinyl and an overview of the various techniques available.

How to Create a Distressed Effect With a Laser Cutter

Learn how to create a distressed look with heat transfer vinyl and a laser cutter. Cutting and weeding distressed designs can be time consuming, a laser cutter eliminates the hassle.

How to Create Business Logos with a Laser Cutter

See how easy it is to create highly detailed business logos with heat transfer vinyl and your laser cutter

Laser Cutting: School/Sports Mascots

Set your business apart with mascot designs like no one else’s with CAD-CUT Fashion-FILM and a laser cutter.

How to Create Tagless Labels with a Laser Cutter

Labeling your garments is a must for brand awareness and repeat business. In this video learn how to create tagless labels with your laser cutter.

How to Use Your Laser Cutter for Next Level Monograms

Monograms are hot sellers. Learn how to easily create monograms with a distressed finish. Want to learn more about monograms? Check out A Complete Guide To Printing Monograms.

Very Fine Detail With Universal Laser Systems and CAD-CUT Fashion-FILM

A laser cutter allows you to get super fine detail not possible with traditional vinyl cutters. Learn how with this tutorial.



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8 thoughts on “The Best Ways to Use a Laser Cutter for Heat Transfer Vinyl”

  1. I have a BOSS laser. What are the recommended settings for this laser machine for cutting fashion film?

  2. Hi! A 7 watt laser will probably not be enough power. The laser printer we’ve used in demos was using 40 watts and with the power adjustments, it may have been at 10, or close at the lowest. We always recommend testing it out, but it may not be successful.

  3. Hi Taylor, thanks for reading our posts! On any of our product pages, we list if a product is cuttable in the “Details” tab, under the Material Specifications list. A good rule of thumb to follow – If the material is PU based, it is laser cuttable. If it is PVC based, it is not! I hope that helps you out.

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