How-To Video: Heat Apply a Heat Transfer Vinyl Knock-Out Design

Glitter Flake & Rhinestone Knock-Out Design
Glitter Flake & Rhinestone Knock-Out Design

Watch this quick how-to video from Stahls TV to learn how to heat apply a knock-out design using CAD-CUT Glitter Flake Heat Transfer Vinyl and Rhinestones.

  • Make sure you’re working with a flat surface. Adjust/change the platen to accommodate the garment.
  • Always pre-heat the garment to remove any moisture or wrinkles.
  • Line up the Glitter Flake design and heat apply – then remove the carrier.
  • Line up the Rhinestone Transfer design making sure the materials don’t overlap.
  • Cover with a cover sheet and heat apply.
  • Let the design cool before removing the Rhinestone carrier.

Video: Heat Press Knock-Out Designs with Rhinestones & Glitter Flake


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