Hotronix heat press equipment vs. imported heat press equipment

Quality Matters – Hotronix vs. Imports

side by side comparison of Hotronix heat press vs. imported heat presses

After seeing customers frustrated with poor application results with CAD-CUT® materials, we set out to create a heat press machine with the specific needs of heat printing in mind. Hotronix® heat presses are designed to ensure every application is as efficient and reliable as possible for quality results every time.

Our challenge is to educate apparel decorators on the importance of a quality heat press over cheaper presses. You know the most important variables for quality heat application are time, temperature, and pressure – but when faced with a less expensive, often imported machine it’s tempting to go the cheaper route. How exactly does the manufacturing of a heat press give you better results?

This video takes you into both the heat presses – literally – to highlight the differences in their inner workings.  Josh Ellsworth slices into two heat presses to show you how better manufacturing and technology means better results.

There are heat presses, then there’s Hotronix®.

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  1. Yes I’m interested in buying a heat press, I want to see if there is any information you can give me towards your quota prices. I would have very much appreciate the information, Thank you!

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